Friday, June 6, 2008

Practice Summary Response

Kurt Loft wrote “Coral Crisis: Global Warming, Trawling, Pollutants threaten the world’s coral population”. The author’s main idea is as follows: while people’s biggest concern is global warming and its negative impacts on marine health, he did highlight other threats that some people did not know about and that will cause un-repaired damage to our ecosystem, which is the coral crisis. More than 50% of the coral are threatened, while huge amounts of the coral reefs are already damaged and may never recover. Many organizations and countries did start such initiatives, since the coral reefs are considered one of the earth’s treasures and hence, we need to protect and take care of them. Coral reefs are affected by the rising of the temperature (i.e. global warming), which implicitly causes death to corals (i.e. bleaching). The author also mentioned that other researchers are announcing good news to the public by mentioning the oceans’ thermostat that regulates temperature of the oceans. The author did also list other problem causers like human pollution, trawling and ocean acidification. The author also explained the importance of coral, because it is the home of most of the oceans’ creatures, and when they are healthy, most of the creatures will live in these corals. The author also mentioned that many of the coral reefs live in warm water and may be tolerant of global warming.

We should take this issue very seriously, and support these initiatives that the author talked about. We should stop the massive trawling. We should eliminate any causers of polluting the air and polluting the oceans indirectly.

When we support such organizations with money or time, or just follow the do(s) and the don’t(s), then we are doing a great job in saving our universe. Scientists spent great time exploring the reasons and the causes of the pollution just to save our ecosystem. Most of these prevention plans are directed to institutions, organizations or countries; i.e. we have to regulate trawling. This has nothing to do with individuals, but It has a lot with companies or countries and organizations. We have to enforce these rules and to make sure they are adhered to by everyone to save our world. We have to take extra precautions and ensure that penalties will occur in the event of someone polluting our oceans and causing death to our food and our environment.

We also need to protect our atmosphere to avoid the temperature rises causing global warming, which will never be recovered. And when atmosphere rises, it does not only affect creatures on the land, but it also affects creatures living down in the bottom of the oceans by damaging their home and their food.

We should do self-practicing and start to save our earth by starting from our selves. And I am sure if everybody did that, then all the countries/organization will do the same because we are part of it. Then, we would find ourselves living in a sustainable society.

Loft, K. (2008, April 21). Coral Crisis: Global Warming, Trawling, Pollutants threaten the world’s coral population. Retrieved on May 27, 2008. from Media General News Service.

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